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Do you need dirt for your garden, or topsoil for your landscaping project?

Earthscape is here to help you with all of your topsoil and gardening mix needs in the Fox Valley.  We offer two types of dirt products.

Topsoil – Quality grade topsoil – machine pulverized to break the dirt down. Easy to work with and is ideal for landscaping, top dressing your lawn for sod or grass seed or just general planting. Topsoil is the outermost layer of soil and is where plants roots obtain most of their nutrients. This is why topsoil must be high quality.

Potting Soil or Garden Mix – If you are gardening, then we have premium gardening soil for your project. Made up of a mixture from Waupaca black top soil, peat and compost making it great to amend in our clay heavy soils.

You can buy soil online – both potting soil and topsoil. We deliver topsoil straight to your driveway. Choose the landscaping soil you’d like, the amount you need, and check out online.