softscapes Appleton areaWhen landscaping your home it is important to get the planting right. There are many creative people that can go to Home Depot and pick out plants whose colors look good with their house, that won’t get too big for the space, and even get lucky and get plants that work on the different sides of the house. It can be done and it looks ok, but it takes experience and planning to get a landscape to look good in all seasons; year after year. So when you are planning your landscaping, contact Earthscape. Let our experts help you select the plants that will create curb appeal year after year.

The tag on the plant of a Sea Green Juniper would say the bush gets 5′ wide and 3′ tall max. Often times, this actually ends up being 14′ wide and 5′ tall in full sun. At Earthscape, we pull out more Junipers than any other plant. A good choice for a juniper would be a tag that says 3’ x 5’. Juniper is a great low maintenance plant when used in the right place. Planting and landscaping takes know-how and experience to know exactly what the landscape will look like in all scenarios.

Our designer Colleen can help homeowners incorporate their favorite plants and colors in their landscape project. Just let us know. One of the most popular designs is the natural look with mostly native low maintenance plants (Varieties of Grasses, Hydrangeas, Dwarf Woody Shrubs, and mulch). We do a lot of clean simple landscapes for people who want to spend the least amount of time on softscapes Appletontheir landscape, but they want it to look organized and weed free (Boxwoods, tall Grasses, Dwarf upright Junipers, Sedum, Day-lilies, Weigla and weed barrier/decorative stone). Other designs that we have done include: Zen inspired gardens, water gardens, vintage gardens, formal gardens, and a lot of raised vegetable gardens made from concrete block or cedar.

Our experienced landscape designer will know some plants need part sun/part shade, while others need full shade and so on. This is why it is so important to ask for help from landscape experts. Looking at a landscape we know the difference in light under a Sugar Maple and a Silver Maple. This makes the difference between certain plants thriving or eventually dying. At Earthscape, we will use our knowledge of plants to create a yard that meets all of your desires.

softscapes AppletonWhen planning out your landscape, we take into consideration soil conditions and determine what plants are better suited for your soil. There are areas in Winchester/Fremont that have no topsoil sitting on countless feet of sand while three miles down the road it’s blue clay muck that never dries out. Neenah is know for silty clay with a lot of rock, Greenville is all red clay. For new homes, it comes down to how the excavation was done. The front of the house might be all clay filled hauled in to build up the grade to accommodate for a walkout basement, where the backyard is an old farm field with three feet of topsoil. We understand how plants and trees will grow differently in all the different soil types we have in the Fox Valley.

Contact the experts at Earthscape to plan your plantscapes in Neenah, Appleton and the Fox Valley area. We will meet with you and take in all of the information, from soil to sunlight angles and come back with a landscape plan that works and will work for years. We look forward to helping you plan and achieve your landscape dreams all while saving you money in the long run.