The Iconic Symbols of March

The month of March symbolically represents new growth, fertility, and procreation in humans, plants and animals. It’s meaning embodies a kind of reigniting of the hearts, like our ancestors, we are quickened… our souls long for new conquests. The symbolic tree of March is the Ash—prized for it’s resilience, the wood of the Ash tree is incredibly strong used to make all kinds of tools like baseball bats.

The flower is the Daffodil – which represents forgiveness, trust, honesty and true love. The flower looks like a trumpet -signaling springs arrival.

The Shamrock (or clover) symbolizes insight, and St. Patrick’s Day. An incredible survivor, it manages to thrive and endure poor soil, weather and many animal appetites. In our lawns, we don’t quite think of them the same way.

Ever hear the term “madder then a March hare?
The coined term references rabbits going bonkers around this time of year. It’s a signal that spring is on its way and the cold grips of winter are behind us. The days are longer, the birds are singing louder and louder as they search each other out. The earth pulls at us all to stir and move. We feel the need to plan and prepare, and set goals. (Fresh mulch, new lawns, landscaping , patios, retaining walls, or new garden?)

A beautiful yard doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming investment, it will grow in value and be easier to take care of by following a few simple spring tips.

1. Check for any type of animal and weather related damage. If you didn’t do it the fall, fence or wrap any susceptible trees and shrubs from animals. Trim off damage or diseased branches. March is the month to trim your apple trees. See our links for help on this.

2. Buy your PREMERGENT type weed and feed fertilizers now for your lawn and trees and shrubs. Read and prepare for the best time/weather to apply in your area. Don’t over apply, and always be conscious of spring run off.

3. Clean up/cut down perennials and grasses left up since fall. The hard ground will make this job easier. Once the ground thaws make sure tender perennials like Heuchera, Iris, Euphorbia, and small ornamental Grasses haven’t been pushed out of the ground. Gentle tuck them back into the soil and make sure they are mulched. A fresh layer of spring mulch looks nice but it also helps insulate tender plants.

4. Do you have decorative stone instead of mulch? March is the best time to check and remove stones from smothering newly planted shrubs, roses, and perennials.