In today’s design-conscious world, the external appearance of a commercial, industrial or residential site is considered as important as the appearance of the building. Earthscape brings an “artistic touch” to every landscape design that will help beautify and add value to your landscape.

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Earthscape Landscaping offers:

Residential Landscaping Appleton

Earthscape can design and create your dream project no matter how large or small your needs may be. We will take the time with you to get it right. Re-defining an over grown shrub bed, developing a screen of plantings, or creating a beautiful array of perennials in a raised bed. A well-designed plan becomes a necessity for communicating the proposal to the client as well as providing the needed information to the crew leader responsible for the installation.landscaping Appleton

Commercial Landscaping Appleton

For new landscape design, finding a balance between man-made necessities and nature’s ever-changing seasons is a timeless challenge. Our design constantly explores new and innovative ways to create landscapes that will capture the eye and create multi-seasonal interest. Materials are chosen that not only define and enhance spaces, but that give each property a distinctive character. We follow local guidelines and review many of our projects with local planning boards and regulating committees. Site light, parking lot layout, green spaces, handicap access and connecting roadways are only part of the elements we need to incorporate into many of the commercial designs we develop.landscaping Appleton

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Landscaping Appleton – Earthscape has been helping homeowners throughout the Fox Valley for years with their landscape design, landscape install and landscape maintenance. Contact the landscaping experts at Earthscape for your all of your landscaping needs in Appleton.